Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Popcorn Cha Cha Cha Vol. 1

Well i just heard that the weather is going to be beautiful soon so i'm in the mood for some Latin Music. This is one of my own compilations, i made specially for a good friend from Belgium a couple of months ago. The tracklist is in the comment.
So let's Cha Cha Cha...

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V-Tone said...


01. Tak Shindo - Mombosa Love Song
02. Al Hirt - Cherry Pink Apple Blossom White
03. Edmundo Ros - Moulin Rouge Cha Cha
04. Lawrence Welk - One A-Two A-Cha Cha Cha
05. Sammy Leeds - Tenderly Cha Cha
06. Werner Muller - Sayonara
07. Edmundo Ros - I Talk To The Trees
08. Dick Stabile - Hong Kong Cha Cha
09. The Bob Ross Orchestra - Chivatto Cha Cha
10. Xavier Cugat - It Happenned In Monterey
11. Francis Bay - Acercate Mas
12. Christobal Chaves Orch - Para Vigo Me Voy
13. De Denise - Japanese Cha Cha Cha
14. Joe Loco - St. Louis Blues Cha Cha
15. Eddie Calvert - Trumpet Cha Cha Cha
16. Lew Douglas - Rhoon Ba Cha
17. Don Swan & His Orchestra - Hooray For Hollywood
18. George Shearing - If I Should Lose You
19. Los Albinos - Exodus Cha Cha
20. The Dazzlers - Chicky Cha
21. Martin Denny - The Carioca
22. Jack Ellen - Momme Cha Cha
23. The Cornels - Wak A Cha
24.The Newport Youth Band - Cha Cha For Judy

Mary Ann said...

This is an awesome compilation, thank you V.

Barry Hamilton said...

Great tunes, thank you very much and keep up the ggod work

René said...

I am impressed, what a selection of good music.

Onzichtbaredj said...

Just start listening to the first song which resembles "Tabu" and now I already like it.
Very promising.
Thanks for offering a nice piece of the cake.