Monday, June 19, 2006

Margie Rayburn - Unexpectedly

Here's my first upload and i hope this will work.
Margie Rayburn is known for that one hit she recorded in 1957 "I'm Available". Though she recorded a couple of other songs like "Ooh What A Doll", "Maker Of Raindrops And Roses", "The Get Acquainted Waltz", and "Freight Train". She was born in 1924 Madera, CA, U.S.A. and died the 14th of june 2000 of an heart attack. She started as a member of The Sunnysiders ("hey Mr. Banjo") and she also toured with The Ray Anthony Orchestra. During her life she only recorded one album for Liberty Records in 1959 called "Margie". But my favourite Margie Rayburn song is "Unexpectedly" recorded in 1958 for Liberty Records. the orchestra is conducted by Don Ralke and you hear some great session musicians like Earl Palmer on drums.

Here's the download link:


Anonymous said...

The link to this song is expired. I was disappointed as I have the Margie album and have truly enjoyed it and was looking to hear something more. How strange that she didn't click, she sounds great I think. Jack in Maine

V-Tone said...

Hi Jack i re-uploaded the song for you.

HaarFager said...

This is really a great track by her. I wish I had her album like the other user, Jack in Maine. Like you, I am going through my old records and posting them online at my blog called Music For Every Mood. If you'd like to hear the one I posted of Margie Rayburn, just go to this link here:


HaarFager said...

Hey, thanks for posting this, it's a great track! She's got such a good voice, it's a shame she never caught on. If you like her, and wanted more of her music, you can hear another song of hers that I posted over on my blog Music For Every Mood. The post I did on Margie can be found here.

Thanks again for posting something by a mostly forgotten singer. Keep up the good work!