Monday, June 19, 2006

Hello Music Lovers,

Welcome to this new blog. The reason i started it is because i like to share my ideas and thoughts of the music that i like. Ska, Rock Steady, Popcorn, Latin, Jazz and many more. Just music from the days that a musician had to play an instrument well before they could record it in a studio. Once in a while i will upload some music from my own collection. And if you have any ideas or comments then let me know.




Wanda said...

Thanks V!! This looks like it will be a great blog. Keep up the good work. Someday you may be able to teach me a thing or two.


Anonymous said...

I am impressed! You did good. Blogs are the new wave of the world. Thanks for sharing with us.

McKmorral (Mary)

JeansMusicBlog said...

Good luck V-Tone with the BLog. It will something extra to your prg.

Tried in the past to get on the chat on saturday during your show, but didn't succeed.
Werner offered help but I didn't came to it yet.
Can be reached by him.

Have fun !

raoul said...

Great blog V !Thanks for sharing the tunes with us.I like the record labels,please keep posting them.
Good luck with the blog and Rocketradio.

June said...

Just love your musical choice. Keep on playing great music and keepon blogging.