Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Various Artists - Vigerton Two

More early reggae, this time instrumentals from other producers then Coxsone Dodd. If you have a good musical ear you will hear a couple of musicians appearing in more then one group. For example Jackie Jackson (Bass), Winston Wright (Organ) And Hugh Malcom (Drums) appeared in The Crystalites, The Upsetters, The Dynamites, The Rhythm Rulers, ofcourse The Supersonics and many more studio groups.

The song "Vigerton Two" was a song written by King Stitt. Stitt who hang around with Coxsone, in the beginning didn't got the chance to record for him, because Coxsone thought then that King Stitt couldn't make a record. Clancy Eccles, a young starting producer then, tought he could and recorded "Fire Corner". Two months later he saw Coxsone at his shop with a trousy (long) face, Stitt recorded first for Clancy and not for him. So together with Jack Ruby Stitt came up then with the idea of "Vigerton Two" (Vigerton Two was a tonic wine they used to advertise on the Jamaican radio in the 60's).

"Look how you sad and blue,
I King Stitt has got a new discovery for you,
The thank god Vigerton Two, lord have mercy...."

The tracklist is in the comment.
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V-Tone said...


01. King Stitt - Vigerton Two (*)
02. The Des All Stars - Black Scorcher
03. The Crystalites - Dr. Who
04. The Hippy Boys - In The Spirit
05. The Hippy Boys - Stronger
06. Karl Bryan - Red Ash
07. Lester Sterling - One Million Tons Of T.N.T
08. The Upsetters - My Mob
09. The Hippy Boys - Death Rides
10. Sir Collins - Black Panther
11. Ansel Collins - Joe Gibbs Mood
12. The Upsetters - The Vampire
13. Johnny Organ - Don Juan
14. Sir Lord Comic - Wha'pen (*)
15. Richard Ace - Hang 'Em High
16. Boris Gardiner & The Love People - Darkness
17. The Hippy Boys - Dollars And Bonds
18. The Rhythm Rulers - Proud Feeling
19. The Reggaeites - Harris Wheel
20. The Upsetters - Medical Operation
21. The Harry J All Stars - Spyrone
22. Tommy McCook & The Supersonics - The Rooster
23. The Hippy Boys - The Hippys Are Here
24. Count Matchuki - Movements (*)
25. The Dynamites - Dulcimenia
26. Johnny Moore & Karl Bryan - Big Big Boss

(*) = Track with D.J.

Glenn said...

Thanks for the great boss reggae instrumentals.

Yoshi said...

I love this music

Dan Willems said...

Hi V-Tone, great blog. I've downloaded all the ska, reggae, blue beat and rock steady. I'm goin' ska-ga-ga! Thanks for all the great posts.

Dan Willems
Louisville, KY. USA

skarnal said...

thanks alot for sharing a great album i really enjoit i hope you cants share some more awesome reggae

bleesed you

Anonymous said...

Wicked selection...

Many thanks

Vigorton2 said...

Great site!
Although it makes no difference, I just thought I would say that I think King Stitt says:
"Look how you sad and blue
But I, King Stitt, have a new discovery for you...
the BAD BAD Vigorton Two!"

That you for sharing your creativity!