Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Various Artists - Popcorn Cha Cha Girls

Here's another Popcorn Cha Cha compilation for you to download, especially for Franky from Belgium. Check out La Lupe's "Take It Easy", a latin version of The Skatalites "Corner Stone".

Tracklist in the comment.
Download link: http://www.bestsharing.com/files/ms001179450/Popcorn%20Cha%20Cha%20Girls.zip.html


V-Tone said...


01. La Lupe - Take It Easy
02. Connie Francis - Quien Sera
03. Kitty Noble - Toodle Ooh!
04. Annette Funicello - The Rock-A-Cha
05. The John Sisters - Mu Cha Cha
06. Barbara McNair - Whatever Lola Wants
07. Georgia Gibbs - Sweet And Gentle
08. Julie London - Frenesi
09. Caterina Valente - Tout L'Amour
10. Gloria Lasso - Corazon De Melón
11. Dinah Shore - Thirteen Men
12. The Storey Sisters - Cha Cha Boom
13. Joni James - Dansero
14. Lady Jane & Verity - Hold Me Close
15. Lola Dee - Cha Cha Cha
16. Shirley Bassey - Kiss Me, Honey
17. The McGuire Sisters - Achoo Cha Cha
18. Jo Ann King - Cha Cha Choo Choo
19. Abbe Lane - Malagueña Salerosa
20. Ellie Gaye - Cha Cha Charming
21. Teresa Brewer - If You Like Me
22. Dorothy Collins - Perfida
23. The Peanuts - Chakkiri Cha Cha

Anonymous said...

Can't download this file.
Bestsharing won't let me.
Isn't there an other way.
Like to have this file.

Raphy said...

I'm trying my best to get this GOOOOD stuff, without any luck,,,,,


Raphy said...

This is just too Beautiful to Miss..
Can You Repost This Splendid Compilations?.....Thanks

I have some of my own. I am willing to give you....

This is my favorite Dance Music the CHA CHA CHA.....

Please contact me @ : raphy4life2002@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE....CAN You Upload the Album?

Wonderful Blog!!!

Thanks for your effort

beire said...

i can't download the cd, is there another link to download this file there is some great stuff that i like

could you please help me to download popcorn cha cha girls

beire said...

hi, v-tone
i'm albert from belgium and i wonder how i can download this file
i can't find the link
there is some terific stuf here
please can't you tell me how to download
i be most greatfull

best regards, albert

beire said...




vigorton two said...

This file has apparently been deleted...I couldn't find it at least. Please repost if you ever get around to it.
Mr. V-Tone, you have such incredible taste in grooves...I am truly in awe!!!!

vigorton two said...

Mr. V-Tone, I'm guessing that since I have REALLY enjoyed every compiltion of yours that I've heard, I will probably enjoy "Popcorn Cha Cha Girls" as well. But the link is no longer there. If you should ever find the time, could you please re-post it? Thanks...for everything!