Monday, November 05, 2007

Forgotten Hits Vs. Hot Boppin Instrumentals

A couple of months ago i got an e-mail from Simon Iddol. He told him that he listened to the Hot Boppin Instrumentals compilation i'd made and together with some fellow dj's got inspired to make a remix compilation. I was very suprised when i heard the songs, and if you haven't heard them yet i'm sure you will too. They made remixes with the vocals of Christina Aguilera , Gwen Steffani, Nelly Furtado, The black Eyed Peas and even Edwin Starr and Stevie Wonder to name a few. Respect and thanks to the remixers Apollo Zero, Celebrity Murder Party, Copycat, DJ Earlybird, ElectroSound, LDM101, Lobsterdust, RIAA, ToToM, World Famous Audio Hacker, Zamali and last but not least Simon Iddol for this great compilation.
By popular demand i re-uploaded Hot Boppin Oldies too plus i'm working on a part two called Cold Boppin Instrumentals
Enjoy the music.
Tracklist in comments.
Download link Hot Boppin Instrumentals:
Download link Forgotten Hits:


V-Tone said...

Tracklist Hot Boppin instrumentals:

01. Carol Kaye & The Hitmen - Baia.mp3
02. Jack Eubanks - Casino.mp3
03. Carl Stevens - Call Of The Jungle.mp3
04. Man From Nowhere - Jet Harris & Tony Meehan.mp3
05. Franck Carrel - Dernier Baisers.mp3
06. The Bad Boys - The Villain Strikes.mp3
07. Red Prysock - Harem Girl.mp3
08. The Braceros - Spanish Moss.mp3
09. The Afro Blues Quintet - La, La, La, La, La.mp3
10. The Cliff Davis Sextet - Kenessa.mp3
11. Kenny Burrell - Love.mp3
12. Mel Henke - The Twisters.Mp3
13. Gentleman June Gardner - It's Gonna Rain.mp3
14. Les & Larry Elgart - Batman Theme.mp3
15. The Quartette Tres Bien - Pamelam-A-Lam.mp3
16. Grady Martin - The Fuzz.mp3
17. Don Markham - Goose.mp3
18. The Champs - Beatnik.mp3
19. Kai Winding - Get Lost.mp3
20. Hank Jacobs - Hank's Groove.mp3
21. Kelly Greene - Move On.mp3
22. J.J. Jones - The Joker.mp3
23. Franck Carrel - Les Bras En Croix.mp3
24. Harold Harris - Bluesville.mp3
25. J.B. & The V-Kings - Lazy Soul.mp3
26. Cindy & Sue - Temple Of Love.mp3
27. Dick Jacobs - Love Theme From Spartacus.mp3

V-Tone said...

Tracklist Forgotten Hits:
compiled by Simon Iddol

side A >> the album

A01 Simon Iddol // Dream On Lazy Soul
J.B. & The V-Kings: Lazy Soul VS the Depeche Mode: Dream On
A02 Apollo Zero // Numb Fuzz
Grady Martin: The Fuzz VS Pet Shop Boys: Numb
A03 ToToM // Derniers Ding Ding Dong
Franck Carrel: Derniers Baisers VS Rita Mitsouko: Ding Ding Dong
A04 ElectroSound // Spanish Make Over
The Braceros: Spanish Moss VS Christina Aguilera: Make over
A05 LDM101 // The Forgotten Groove
Carol Kaye & The Hitmen: Baia VS Gwen Steffani: Luxurious
A06 Zamali // Twenty Five Mile To Move On
Kelly Green: Move On VS Edwin Starr - Twenty Five Miles Miles Away
A07 DJ Earlybird // This Love Gets Lost
Kai Winding: Get Lost VS Marron5: This Love
A08 Lobsterdust // Rainy Joints
Gentleman June Gardner: It's Gonna Rain VS Black Eyed Peas: Joints and Jam
A09 Copycat // Superfreak Twisters (a Copycat mash)
Mel Henke: The Twisters VS Rick James: Superfreak
A10 RIAA // Batman City
Les & Larry Elgart: Batman Theme VS Stevie Wonder: Living For The City
A11 World Famous Audio Hacker // Say It Right (The Joker)
J. J. Jones: The Joker VS Nelly Furtado: Say It Right

side B >> bonus tracks

B01 Celebrity Murder Party // Toxic Fuzz [link]
Grady Martin: The Fuzz VS Britney Spears: Toxic VS John Barry: Born Free VS Bernard Hermann: Taxi Driver - Funk Remix
B02 ElectroSound // Genie from Nowhere [link]
Jet Harris & Tony Meehan: Man From Nowhere VS Christina Aguilera: Genie in a Bottle
B03 ToToM // The Sweet Move [link]
Kelly Greene: Move On VS Gwen Stefani: The Sweet Escape
B04 LDM101 // The Forgotten Dub [link]
Carol Kaye & The Hitmen: Baia VS Gwen Steffani: Luxurious
B05 Simon Iddol // Where Is Your Croix [link]
Franck Carrel: Les Bras En Croix VS Basement Jaxx: Where's your head at

Unknown said...

Thank you for the repost... ...and the original post, for that matter, which allowed Simon Iddol & friends to do their thing (& thus lead me to your site.)

Most certainly worth the trip...

High Power Rocketry said...

: )

Raphy said...

Can I Indulge you, If you want to here Some Great Popcorn Music...Tune In @

That's where its at!!!!


Love your taste!!!

High Power Rocketry said...

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Anonymous said...

HI V !
via jeansmusicblog van jean dupree op uw blog terechtgekomen en slechts een woord krijg ik nog over mijn lippen "geweldig"!!
Eindelijk eens een compilatie van enkel instrumentale popcorn hits waarvan er verscheidene nummers nog in mijn collectie ontbraken. ben al aan het uitzien naar het vervolg hierop . "Chapeau" voor het werk en bedankt voor de inspanning. KEEP ON GOING8

High Power Rocketry said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey! What happened? Is yr blog closed down and done for good? Or are you just on hiatus?

Gimmie MORE...please!

Anonymous said...

beautiful instrumental album thank you

francky 's said...

thank you beautiful album instrumental popcorn

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thank you

Anonymous said...

Hello V-rocket,
I love your blog, and the mixes I have been able to download are great!
Some links are down, however, and I wonder if you could re-upload any of them!
The ones I'm most curious about are:

Popcorn Cha cha cha vol 1 & 2
Elvis and Friens vol 1
Cha Cha cha girls
Popcorn cha cha girls


cicodelico-obscure-grooves said...

hello,hope you can help,ineed more information about this record
kelly greene - move on
what label and flip???????
thank you very much
mike a record collector addict