Thursday, December 07, 2006

Various Artists - A Doowop Christmas Pt. 1

It's december so time for some christmas music. First some doowop, here is part one of "A Doowop Christmas". Just let me know if you like this and i will post part two also.

Tracklist is in the comments.
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V-Tone said...


01. The Melodeers - Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
02. The Episodes - The Christmas Tree
03. The Skyliners - You're My Christmas Present
04. The Five Keys - It's Christmas Time
05. The Sabres - A Cool, Cool Christmas
06. The Platters - Blue Christmas
07. The Martels - Rockin' Santa Claus
08. The Sheps - Merry Christmas To My Heart
09. The Marcels - Merry Twist-Mas
10. Tony And The Daydreamers - Christmas Lullaby
11. The Qualities - It's Christmas Time
12. The Dynamics - Christmas Plea
13. Hank Ballard & The Midnighters - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
14. The Debonairs - Christmas Time
15. The Justinas - What A Christmas
16. The Ping Pongs - Don't Wanna Wait Till Christmas
17. The Moonglows - Just A Lonely Christmas
18. The Boulevards - I Dont Believe In Santa Claus
19. The Cameos - Merry Christmas
20. Kitty & The La-Fetts - Christmas Letter
21. The Five Keys - Every Heart Is Home At Christmas
22. The Shells - Happy Holiday
23. The Dipper's Quintet - It's Almost Christmas
24. Debbie & The Darnels - Santa Teach Me To Dance
25. The Ames Brothers - Winter's Here Again
26. George Grant & The Castelles - At Christmas Time
27. The Marshalls - Mr.Santa's Boogie
28. The Voices - Santa Claus Baby
29. The Ebonaires - Love For Christmas
30. The Statues - White Christmas

Ernie said...

I'm always up for some more Christmas, and this is great stuff! Keep it comin'!

Anonymous said...


vinny said...

I love your posts, especially this compilation.
Can you please, please post part 2


Hank said...

Great music, pls post part 2

Anonymous said...

I am an original member of tony and the daydreamers and I didn't know this song was on an album. I would like to purchase a copy of this album so please let me know if it is possible. e-mail address is or phone 973-835-7852

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am one of the original daydreamers who loves this album. I am looking to buy one if you could tell me where I can get it. I've recently reunited the group and thought that this would be a nice gift to the other members if I could get a copy of this album. I am not seeking anything but the album. FRANK .

V-Tone said...

Hi Frank,

These two compilations are not real cd's but home made compilations of records i have and some mp3's i found here and there on the net. The coverdesign is also mine. So the only way to get a copy is to download it here.