Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Ska Va Voom

Another Studio One compilation, this one is Jamaican Ska at it's best featuring The Skatalites as studio band. Like Delroy Wilson said: "At first i heard the Ska, it thrills me through the bone....",
so let's do the Ska.

Tracklist is in the comment.

Download link: http://rapidshare.com/files/5348216/SVV100.zip.html


V-Tone said...


01. Delroy & Paulette - Dance The Ska
02. Winston & Bibby - Trouble
03. Lord Creator - Rhythm & Blues
04. Lord Brynner & Norma - Malika
05. Bongoman Byfield - Marcus Garvey
06. Charlie Organaire - Rude Boy Charlie
07. Jackie Opel - You're Too Bad
08. Lee Perry & The Wailers - Man To Man
09. Stranger & Ken - Artibella
10. The Wailers - What's New Pussycat
11. The Skatalites - Full Dread
12. The Jamaicans - Chain Gang
13. Norma Frazier - Everbody Loves A Lover
14. The Gaylads - Emanuel Road
15. The Skatalites - King Solomon
16. The Wailers - Put It On
17. Lee Perry & The Soulettes - Rub & Squeeze
18. The Wailers - Rude Boy
19. Lee Perry & The Wailers - Pussy Galore
20. The Skatalites - James Bond
21. The Gaylads - Lady With The Red Dress
22. Lee Perry & The Soulettes - Doctor Dick
23. Roy Richards - Jamaican Memories

Anonymous said...

Nice selection! Is this version of Artibella with "guns sounds" a remix? What's the date of this release?

"Chain Gang" is a wonderfull song!!

Thanks for sharing! great blog!

Thomas from Brussels.

V-Tone said...

This version of Artibella is taken from a blank Coxsone 45' release, recorded in 1964 or '65.

TNT said...

Fantastic, so many rare tunes, a dream compilation, thanks.

TNT from UK

Anonymous said...


I left a couple of messages about not being able to unstuff the uploads, but I managed in the end...MAC problems...


vigorton two said...

Mr. V-Tone, you had me with "Rock Steady Cool", but this one is just as incredible. Your taste is impeccable, sir. I am truly in awe! It would be worth moving to Holland to hear you DJ!